Transmutation with Satyavrati Karta

The therapeutic pathway

Health is too precious not to take care of it!

Satyavrati Karta offers you three approaches of meeting and synchronicity with you, a time at the turnings points of your destiny to make the right choices.

Réservation non disponible.

The Meta-healings offers you another workspace on resistance and recurring obstacles: identify, accept and dissolve them. We will use the protocols of emotional journey, soul recovery or Healings Rays and shamanic protocols, using the energies of light, plasma and prana. It is also to harmonize the energy bodies and the conditioning of the five elements (Yoga Ayurveda).

Guidance, it is a clear orientation to restore confidence in oneself and in one's destiny, it is also to resolve moments of crisis and questioning, guidance is based on numerology, symbols, archetypes, it is a true oracle which is rooted in the tradition of the guru Yoga in an authentic relationship. You will also receive a personalized practice.

Spiritual Name, it is the frequency that inspires and sustains you on the path to your highest destiny. Choose to become "twice born". Quand vous faites l'expérience du Vrai Soi, de sa fréquence et de ses talents, vous pouvez décider de vivre à son service. You then give yourself a new Orbit of Life, leading to your final Destination.